As a frequenter of online dating sites, I encounter bad grammar, text speech and lazy spelling on a daily basis. Badly written emails are so common I had started to think bad grammar was now the ‘norm’. However, I have just read this Dating article and it resonated.

Personally, I won’t meet up with anyone who can’t string together a coherent sentence without spelling mistakes or text speech. The quickest way to turn me off is to write ‘wot’ ‘4’ or ‘coz’, this person doesn’t know me, and yet he is talking to me as if I am the bloke from the pub he goes to football with and is sending him a random text message. This does not impress me, would it impress you? As the article says:

‘One reason people judge grammar and spelling snafus so harshly is that they can reflect the level of effort, or lack thereof, that folks put into their bio. “People use quality of writing as an indication of work ethic,” says Max Lytvyn, co-founder of automated-proofreading company Grammarly.’

I absolutely agree! If this person can’t be bothered to put a little bit of effort into contacting future dates, how much effort will he put into any type of future commitment? If ‘because’ is too strenuous and is reduced to ‘cos’ does that mean the same lack of care will be applied to future relationships?

If we see online dating as a metaphor for business marketing, how would these suitors fare? These men could, just as easily, be start up businesses who do not put their full care and attention into marketing literature. Online daters are essentially selling themselves to their audience in the same way that businesses do. It demonstrates a lack of care and attention; not great for demonstrating a great work ethic.

Words Angel