In my role as a public speaker/ME advocate, I encourage organisations to put as much written text into an audio format as possible, to ensure everyone in society has access to that material. However, it isn’t something I have done myself until now. Future Words Angel blog posts will also be available as podcasts. Venturing into podcasting is a little bit daunting but no more difficult than anything else I have tackled since creating this startup business.

People with chronic illness often find reading difficult due to a lack of energy, concentration issues and vision issues. All of these problems can be overcome with audio. Sufferers of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) often experience sensitivity to light and so have to sit in a darkened room. This is hardly conducive to reading. Audio formats allow them to listen to the information they need without the need for light.

‘Normal’ healthy people do not realise how much energy is required to read. Energy is not purely physical. It takes a lot of cognitive energy to understand and interpret written text. Sometimes mental energy is more draining than physical exertion.

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