Words Angel has it’s base in Portsmouth, on the South Coast of England. A new hotel opened nearby yesterday so I took a look at the website. Click here to see the website page. Friends and family from far and wide often ask if I can recommend local hotels. The hotel looks good, centrally located and reasonably priced. However, I noticed a mistake and it has had an effect on my initial impression.

Premier Inn have used the hotels proximity to local landmarks as a selling point. Great idea! However, one of the place names is wrong. The place I am talking about is Gunwharf Quays (http://gunwharf-quays.com), a popular location for shopping and leisure. It took me two seconds on Google to find the website. I am wondering why the person who wrote the text did not double check the name? Future customers of the hotel may well search the internet for Gun Wharf Keys and wonder why they can’t find it. I appreciate that Premier Inn is a large hotel chain and website/marketing staff don’t live here, but that just increases the need to make sure the details are correct.