I am a woman of routine, I am also a news addict.

Every day begins the same way. This is my life between 6.45 am and 7.15am. The first thing I do is turn the TV on in the living room to see what news events have happened overnight. I eat breakfast and drink coffee while I digest the latest global events. I have an opinion on everything and debate news items with family members. I have also been known to join in with Twitter conversations or submit photos when prompted by TV presenters.

I have recently become aware that I feel like I know presenters personally. My family and I comment on what these ‘living room invaders’ are wearing, how their hair looks, whether they have put on or lost weight, whether they look healthy or tired. I am wondering why I feel so close to these people; it is probably because of excellent branding! However, I like to think it is because I would get on very well with each and every one of them, if we were in the same room in real life. Deluded……yes probably!

I switch between Sky News and BBC Breakfast. I dislike watching TV adverts so flick to BBC when Sky take a break. The combination of the two channels means I get two different formats and get to spend half an hour with around 10 different TV people. It also means that I see two different perspectives of the same story.

I don’t understand anyone who says they don’t watch any news because they find it too depressing. Life can be depressing but I feel adversity will only make us stronger. Without news I think I would be a very narrow person, someone who can’t grasp the wider global picture. If I didn’t have business commitments I would have a news channel on my TV in the background, throughout my working day. Instead I stick to morning and early evening news to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Addicted? Me?