One of the best pieces of advice received from lecturers at university was to think hard about what language level to use. They advised the class to think like The Sun newspaper who use the language level of a 7 year old when they determine how to write news stories. They use a basic language level to ensure maximum understanding and engagement from their readership.

Images with the text and definition of 'Antidisestablishmentarianism'

What is the longest word you know?
Knowing it doesn’t mean you have to use it!

Don’t write as though you have just swallowed a dictionary. While it is good to demonstrate a good use of vocabulary, it is more important to show a sound understanding of your assignment topic by using strong arguments, a wide range of resources and schools of thought.

Sometimes, long and complicated words can confuse the reader as the sentence is made incredibly difficult to follow. If it is a word you haven’t used before but have found in a thesaurus it may not have the exact meaning that you need to make your point. Stick to vocabulary that you recognise and you will produce a more confidently written and engaging piece of work.

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