Where do you study? The perceived stereotypical traditional student virtually lives in the library and works surrounded by books, paper, and pens. However, reality is very different.

When I was a student, I could detect a pin drop from a thousand paces and it would throw my concentration to the wind. There were overhead fans in my university’s library. To everyone else they barely made a noise, but to me it was as distracting as someone banging a drum next to me. I needed complete silence to get work done. In the end, I resorted to working from home with ear defender headphones on. Silence helps me to concentrate and completely follow my train of thought.

However, I used to work in a university library and have seen it all. Every single way of studying was exhibited within those walls! Some students played music on headphones, others sat outside under trees, random students could be found studying sat on the floor next to the books they needed; despite there being tables and chairs available. Different people prefer different ways of working. I recommend finding the best way for you and sticking to it to ensure maximum productivity and creativity.

I hate clutter when I am studying. I am not sure if I have an element of OCD but I simply cannot get engrossed in my work if there is a pen/ruler/book in the ‘wrong’ place. I find it exceptionally distracting and end up wasting time tidying the desk.

Can I ask one thing of those lucky students who can listen to music on headphones whilst studying? Turn it down! People like me will want to strangle you with your headphones cable if the beat can be heard 10 ft away!

Words Angel