Recently, I have encountered a few issues of customers wanting more of a copy-editing service than proofreading. Words Angel’s professional proofreading service offers the following:

  • Spelling check
  • Grammar check
  • Punctuation check
  • Check flow of sentence/essay
  • Offer suggestions to make writing more effective
  • Highlight any mistakes or omissions

Trying to guess what you are trying to say and offering suggestions is not part of the service. We would hate to suggest something that was completely misleading or incorrect. This could cause you to lose marks and would be against university ‘rules’ as it would not be your own work.

We do not do the editing for you. We make notes in the margin for you to look at and apply if you feel they are appropriate. So please allow editing time before your deadline date, this is why we ask you to book in at least one week before the deadline. This gives us both time to work on the final draft.

Words Angel