There are a few ‘rules’ Words Angel insists on when written work is submitted for proofreading. These are to make sure clients know what to expect from Words Angel’s professional service.

‘The Rules’

  • Full payment MUST be received in Word Angel’s bank account prior to work   commencing.
  • Please clearly state the page numbers/sections to be proofread.
  • Please state if any picture annotations are to be included in the word count.
  • References will not be checked. Referencing is YOUR responsibility.
  •  PhD work must be submitted in individual chapters, over time, due totime constraints.
  • Work can be submitted via Google Drive or emailed to Wordsangel.uni@gmail.com and checked via Word Review (Microsoft Word).
  • Words Angel will not edit the work. This is not a copy-editing service. Comments are added to the document, advising where amendments are needed; suggestions will be offered if appropriate.
  • Please submit work to be proofread at least one week before a university deadline.
  • Please advise of any factors that may affect writing standard i.e. learning difficulties, non-native English speaker. This may mean extra time is needed to proofread the work. Although Words Angel charges by the word, an additional £10 an hour charge will be applied if work will take longer than usual. This can be agreed prior to work commencing.
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed.