I am, at my core, a pen and paper kinda gal. I write lists and have a paper diary/calendar that accompanies me wherever I go. I do use Google Calendar but purely for back-up in case the previously mentioned diary goes walkies on is own. I spend many of my waking hours in front of blue-lit screens; social media, websites, email, graphic design and online proofreading. I use every opportunity to give my eyes a rest and my brain a treat by not having to remember passwords in order to make a quick note.

I have noticed recently that, a few companies view their use of Asana as a USP. As if, using this piece of software makes them more organised than everyone else. I have used Asana and found that I spent valuable time, which could have been used elsewhere, logging in, filling in boxes and doing the associated I.T admin that goes with any software. Maybe, if I had a team to delegate to it would be worth using, however, I am essentially a one-woman band and so a simple page in a notebook is more than adequate for my needs.

The rush I get from flamboyantly ticking off a task from my list is far greater than the feeling I get when the Asana Unicorn makes an appearance! I’ve heard office workers talking competitively about whether they had achieved Unicorn status yet….really?! Do workers really Do workers really need a fantasy target to aim for in order to get work done?

Now….has anyone seen my pen?

Words Angel