I think I need to retrain as a photographer. Here’s why….

I am known, by some people, as an ideas person. I have random ideas 24/7 about how to make money or make much-needed changes. I have these ideas when I come up against brick walls and need to come up with plan b’s to get work done.

As I have mentioned in a previous article, when trying to design a poster for a client, I discovered that I needed a photo of a woman laughing to get the fun message across. I searched every photography site I knew of and didn’t find one. I found over-posed selfies and corporate semi-smiling women but no real emotion was evident. So, I encouraged photographer friends to make the most of the gap in the market. I would have done it myself but a one-day photography workshop does not make me a professional! Another photography idea; get professional photographers to attend network events for start-up businesses. Offer one profile photo for £10. We all know that decent profile photos make all the difference when you are trying to look professional. When I started Words Angel I was lucky that I had a photographer friend however, I have business contacts who were not so lucky and have Facebook photos on their profiles/webpages.

Whilst working for a university library, I watched a TV programme about Gatwick Airport, and how they were making vast areas more attractive with imagery and fashion shows. The building I worked in had a huge blank wall in the atrium – perfect display space. The empty space would have been perfect for fashion students to use for fashion shows. There was room for seating, a staircase and ‘runway’ that would have been perfect. I wanted to make the most of the space during non-library hours. This idea was rejected but was diluted into another form, I went on to suggest projecting visual student work onto the wall using a projector. In my head, this could have been anything from art, fashion, architecture drawings, highly complex maths equations, photographs or maps.I find a wide range of things visually pleasurable to look at. It would have made the very dull, plain looking atrium into a talking point. It would have drawn more footfall into the library. It would also have been a good addition to students’ portfolios. I was given responsibility for researching and developing this idea. I loved it! The idea evolved again due to restraints and the last form of the idea was to have 9 interconnecting large TV screens on the wall to display the image as a whole. It would have been a costly but worthwhile venture. Unfortunately, due to a bout of ill health, I missed the financial planning deadline and the opportunity was missed. That space is still empty and unused. Such a shame.

I have an orthotic shoe patent in the pipeline. Yes, really. I was inspired by family and friends who hate wearing flat and ugly shoes because orthotics don’t fit inside dainty, pretty shoes. So, I sat down with a pencil and piece of paper and got to work. It is currently in the safe keeping of an external company and I will return to it one day.

I am driven to improve myself and the environment I live in. I believe that any small ideas could lead to big things and so I throw myself in!

Words Angel