Is it just me? I do not like the new trend of using lower case letters inappropriately on marketing material. Apparently, it’s to appeal to younger audiences by appearing more casual and less intimidating. I can appreciate the reasons behind this but don’t agree with the practice. I strongly believe that this could lead to the alienation of an existing older clientele. I was on the verge of highlighting it as a grammatical catastrophe but then googled ‘lower case text in marketing’ and came across this article. Lower case marketing is a THING! If I was a Millenial I would be slightly offended, big business believes language needs to be dumbed down to appeal to my age group. If I was 50+ I would be having second thoughts about banking with an organisation that makes grammatical mistakes! If they can’t get spelling/grammar right then how can I trust them with my money? I would also start to wonder if the bank valued my custom; had I lost my value with age?

I think businesses need to think long and hard as to whether this practice is suitable for their target market. Companies such as facebook (see what I did there?! I still think it should be Facebook) can use it to their advantage as it is an informal, social organisation that appeals to a wide range of ages. However, I doubt it would carry much weight with customers of a solicitor or government organisation. It’s far too informal and not appropriate.

Words Angel