It’s amazing to see the amount of written material in the public domain that would have benefited from being proofread before being printed, submitted or published. The written word is used for so many different purposes. In the past month or so, I have proofread two business websites, a research paper, social media content and a personal statement for a nursing course application.

Words Angel offers reassurance that your written work is as good as it needs to be, whether in terms of spelling, grammar, structure or content.  Think of it as a double-checking service, not purely proofreading. It is much easier for an outsider to run an eye over written work to point out where improvements can be made. As the saying goes, you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’; you are so close to a situation or piece of writing you can’t understand it clearly because you are too involved in it.

So whether you are writing a business proposal, a best-seller, dissertation or social media advert and need a little bit of reassurance or guidance, please do get in touch!

Words Angel