This post is inspired by this news article: University essays.

I was a poor postgraduate student 10 years ago and I was tempted to work for an essay writing agency, similar to those mentioned in the article. I was working as a student shelver within a university library and had easy access to resources. I had just gained a 2:1 and had confidence in my essay writing ability. For a few days, I considered writing essays for other students. I admit it. I submitted a piece of work that had been awarded a 2:1 as ‘evidence’ and waited to be approved.

However, something did not sit well with me. Why did these students need other people to write their essays? Was it morally or ethically acceptable?

I came to the conclusion that these essay writing services devalue degrees. Once the students who have ‘bought’ their degrees get out into the big wide world of work, it will become blatantly obvious to employers that their degree isn’t worth the piece of paper it is written on. No wonder the reputation of students has gone downhill since I graduated in 2006. Students who manage to dodge doing any research, project management or substantial written work, will not fare well within a working environment. These are skills that any employer would expect a graduate to have.

I have always felt that university isn’t for everyone. It is for those people who have the ability and willingness to learn and work hard for the rewards that come with being a graduate. Anyone who simply buys qualifications isn’t suited to university life. Studying is about expanding minds and making new discoveries, not gaining a piece of paper by any means necessary!