I post Facebook adverts regularly for my clients and see adverts on my own personal newsfeed so I know they have their place. However, I get annoyed when I receive daily adverts from one business that are riddled with mistakes. Particularly when it is an online training company uploading badly written content.

I won’t name and shame because I don’t believe in public shaming; unless I have been affected personally by bad service etc. However, the first couple of dubious adverts were highlighted on my business social media pages as examples of what not to do. The third misspelt advert came and went without criticism. I didn’t want to be accused of a witch-hunt! I am writing this article because I have been tipped over my tolerance limit. An advert was posted asking people to sign up to an English Language course.

Our English Courses help is gaining comprehensive knowledge & understanding of the language. Sign up & start today!

Here are two more golden nuggets of annoying content.

For students looking to improve their job seeking skill, our course on job search skills can help you in the process

Looking for a career in sales? We got courses for your. Check out ***** Sales courses here

Personally, I believe it demonstrates a lack of care and attention. If I was a potential customer I would not be optimistic as to the standard of training. These training courses are free but that shouldn’t affect the quality of advertising.

Social media posts may be much less wordy than a blog or article, but care and attention should to be paid to make sure your message gets across to the audience succinctly and accurately. We all make mistakes, even a proofreader like me! A few slip through the net occasionally – Wood and trees spring to mind! However, making mistakes on a daily basis is unacceptable and could well be costing the business customers.