This article is not on the subject of the politics of Margaret Thatcher; I do not want to enter into a political debate! It is, however, a comment on her personality and ability to be strong in a ‘man’s world’ whilst still carrying a handbag.

I share the same birthday as Mrs Thatcher, a few years apart! Being born on the 13th October means we are/were both Librans. If you believe in Astrology, the Libra-born are keen strategists, good at organising groups with ease and getting the job done. See this link for a full definition – Libra. I believe this definition is true for both myself and Mrs Thatcher. Whatever you think of her political policies, she liked to ‘get the job done’. I also like to see a project through to the end. I detest stray ends that haven’t been tidied away.

As with Mrs Thatcher, most of my working life is spent with men. All of my clients are male. This wasn’t deliberate on my part, but I do find I can work effectively and harmoniously without the jealousy that comes with working with (some) female colleagues. I have always been amazed when someone describes me as a ‘strong’ woman. I have no idea where they get that notion from. I have had a lot of horrible situations thrown at me in recent years and, instead of hiding from them, I have tackled them head on without even considering the option of hiding or not dealing with it. In this respect, I feel Mrs Thatcher and I have similarities. She did not shy away from making big decisions, however unpopular they would be.

‘Power is like being a lady…..If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t’
Margaret Thatcher

I manage my business and charity brand in an effective and instinctive way. I don’t agonise over whether my actions will make me appear powerful or knowledgable. In the same way that being a lady comes naturally to me, power is something I have been told that I have but it’s not something I need to highlight. Power shouldn’t be confused with money. Do I have the power to influence people? Yes, my charity brand proves that. Power through experience and knowledge is a strength that I am very content to have.