I have always believed that showing people what goes on behind the scenes of a finished product or performance is the best way to engage with followers. Yes, WOW your customers with your magnificence but give a glimpse into the hard work that goes on in the engine room.

I really like this Hugh Jackman/Wolverine clip. I have seen this scene before and would never have thought of the skills and physicality involved in making the sound effects Hugh Jackman clip clip. The release of this footage adds a deeper layer to the movie and promotes Hugh Jackman’s abilities.

Is it just me? Sometimes, the outtakes of films are more engaging than the films themselves. I often mess around with video outtakes with my charity brand, ME Foggy Dog. This Foggy video is a good example. I often have people asking how I have the energy to do advocacy and fundraising with my mild M.E. I think that showing how much effort goes into a short video adds to the understanding of the illness. I could have simply uploaded a polished clip without highlighting the fact that it took 15+ takes to achieve the end result. I got great feedback and empathy from my audience because of showing ‘behind the scenes’.

I recently promoted the Royal Marines Association Concert Band (RMACB) on social media using the hashtag #RMACBday. I went with them on a coach to Yeovil for a concert performance. I promoted the hashtag the day before and we had more than 7,000 impressions (likes/shares) over a one day period (over the past 2 weeks, this has grown to over 10,000). I was happy with that. Photos were of everything and anything band related: the band on the coach, a video of the band unloading the instruments and uniforms, backstage dressing rooms, and of the band setting out the chairs on stage. Not a staged selfie smile to be seen. Nothing particularly mind-blowing, but the photos gave an insight into a day in the life of the RMACB on a concert day. Put together, the photos and videos told a story. We also had professional photos taken; the two types of promotion combined to give a thorough account of the day.

Don’t be scared of imperfection. Laugh at yourselves and add to your business brand by demonstrating how much effort goes into the end result.