My business offers proofreading and social media marketing services. However, in the past few months, more tasks have been added to daily tasks undertaken for customers. I am now dabbling in traditional marketing and market research. I have working experience of these additional roles and so it is good to be able to add variety to my working day.

I have a postgraduate degree in Social Research. This means market research is something I am comfortable with. I love a good questionnaire or focus group! This also means that I

am very good at analysing customer needs and behaviours. These are skills that would benefit a client who needs to get a better understanding of potential customers. You simply can’t sell a product without understanding your customers. How old is your target market? Does your target age group use the internet? Do they visit your website? Questions can go on and on!

Social media marketing is great. I love how it allows us to have creative conversations with our customers. However, not everyone has a social media account. Traditional marketing still has a place in business. You might be excluding an element of your customer base if you do not have any traditional marketing output. A carefully placed newspaper advert or wall poster can be just as effective as a creative social media post. Each medium has a role in marketing and reaches a specific target audience.

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