Since starting Words Angel, the support I have given clients in terms of their online presence has evolved. Initially, I thought I would be concentrating on social media marketing; uploading posts and increasing online engagement. However, I have discovered that I am doing so much more than that.

I now find myself designing ‘posters’, creating brands, finding photographs to represent my client’s business; which can then be used in social media and on websites, help to create marketing strategies and give general advice on website content and appearance. I DON’T DO CODING (as it says in the image!) or website design. However, if you want an independent person, who knows what they are talking about, to review your website and tell you what could do with being tweaked or changed in a big way, then I am your woman. I have lost count of how many websites I have looked at that contain spelling and grammatical mistakes. These mistakes will cost you customers.

I also have extensive knowledge of copyright and the Data Protection Act. You may not think these things are important, it’s JUST social media, right? WRONG. It can be a minefield and is something I can help you steer your way through.

I know what does and doesn’t work visually and am a creative soul who can help you to think outside of the box. Did you know that each social media network has its own algorithm? These are changed regularly to keep everyone fresh and on their toes. I know this stuff!

I have a meeting this morning with someone who can help me to understand landing pages. This will be another string to my bow. I am currently on a huge learning curve, new projects are offering challenges and new opportunities. Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Words Angel