I have been umming and ahhing about whether to have a telephone contact number for my business. I make outgoing business calls but don’t receive incoming calls from customers. I have two reasons for this:

  • All of my work is completed online. Customers submit proofreading to me online and social media marketing is obviously….online.
  • There are many ways to contact me, via the contact form on the website, social media and by email. I didn’t think another method was needed.

However, I am now wondering if making my business contactable by phone would bring in more work. I am going to run a trial and see if business increases over a 3 month period.

I once went to a business workshop where one of the speakers said that if you don’t speak to customers on the phone you are driving customers away and that you ‘are scared of the phone’. WRONG! I used to work in a call centre and dealt with irate customers and daily death threats. Speaking on the phone does not intimidate me, I simply made the decision to use other methods of communication. I asked the same speaker how he would gain more customers through online methods and he said he didn’t deal with online…. Perhaps, rather than me being a scaredy cat, he was old-fashioned? That’s a debate for another time!

Anyway, the grand unveiling….my business phone number is 07725 658199…..feel free to contact me about your proofreading or marketing needs.