On Twitter, why do so many small businesses follow lots of competitor’s Twitter accounts? What value does that bring to their business? Yes, by all means, follow one or two competitors to keep up with fresh ideas and changes in the industry, but businesses should concentrate on engaging with their target audience. Will your competitors buy your products? I highly doubt it! Businesses should actively engage with people who are potential customers and only follow accounts which add value.

There are thousands of Twitter accounts that actively encourage users to buy followers. Why would anyone do that?! You need quality not quantity. It is much better to have 100 followers who are likely to buy from you, than 5000 who aren’t remotely interested in what you have to offer.

Businesses use social media as a platform to market themselves. If you aren’t using it effectively you are merely wasting valuable time that, as a hard-working small business, you can’t afford to lose.

Social media is highly effective and free, make sure your business is making the most of the opportunity to reach your potentially HUGE online customer base.

Words Angel