Social media may not be an essential life resource like water or oxygen but it is an essential piece of modern day marketing kit that all organisations should be using. Whether you are a multi-national conglomerate, retail chain, small business or charity, there is a social media channel to meet your every marketing need.

I am getting a little bit drained with having to basically sell social media marketing to potential clients who can’t see the benefit of having the ability to reach thousands of potential customers…for free! I keep getting ‘we have always managed perfectly well by using traditional marketing, we don’t understand why we need to now move to social’.

Well, you don’t NEED to, no one is twisting your arm. However, you would be extremely silly to not even consider an added dimension to your marketing strategy. Your traditional customer base may be dying off, moving away, or they might just fancy trying something new…there are a myriad of reasons why you need to keep your marketing strategy up-to-date and ever-changing.

Think your customers are too old to be on social media? Think again. Visit – to see statistics (published in January 2017) on how social media is used in the UK. Specifically, nearly 4m people aged 60+ use Facebook regularly. They may well log on to keep up with friends and family but once they are online, they are your potential customers. Hit them with a carefully crafted advert or interesting/engaging post about your business activity. Businesses need to be visible to make money and thrive, social media is an effective way to lift the Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak and vastly increase your customer base.

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