Automated messages on Twitter are a pet hate of mine. No one likes receiving them and yet some people are more than happy to inflict drivel on other people.

Thanks for the apology at the start of the message, thanks for acknowledging that it is annoying, and thanks for blocking up my message inbox so I potentially miss important messages.

If I want to follow your brand on other social media channels, I would. I don’t need a prompt from you to check out your YouTube/Instagram/Facebook in my message inbox. You should be making your content interesting enough for me to want to check out all of your offerings without being nudged. I don’t mind you telling me about all of your social media channels in my newsfeed, if it doesn’t interest me it’s gone in a flash and it doesn’t affect me. Do that instead!

Here are examples of messages received this week:

Before you ask, yes, this is an automated message, I’m not gonna lie: but robot me is only expressing what real me would say to you anyway, so here we are 🙂 Have a beautiful day and here’s some *good vibes* on me

 Thanks for following us. Please take a look at our website xxxxx or like our facebook page.

Thank you so much for following! I would love if you would join me on Facebook by liking … and on Instagram at Thanks

In the past few weeks, I have lost count of the number of messages received by my charity Twitter account that have been initially missed due to a tide of automated rubbish. It’s incredibly unhelpful. Stop it now, please.