Hands up, who else was hooked on the live weather reporting from @Severeweather2017 Live streaming on Tuesday evening? There were up to 4500 of us at any time after 7 pm watching the ‘storm’ unfold in front of our eyes on our screens.

It demonstrates the power of Facebook Live streaming when so many people can be engrossed on some colour splashes, white crosses and pop up rings on a map! It brought the UK weather watchers together as a community. We were all tracking and discussing the movement and impact of the storm as it unfolded. We knew about the flash flooding in Cornwall before the news channels announced it because the residents were telling us about it as it happened.

There were people being negative, telling us to just look out of our windows to see what was happening with the weather but, I’m just pointing out, they were also watching the live stream!

I lost count of the number of people asking for advice as to whether they should water their gardens or wait for the rain. Thus, highlighting that Facebook Live does not offer common sense as part of its product package! It is only as good and as sensible as its users.

Who knew something as basic and natural as weather could be so entertaining! Thank you, Mother Nature and Facebook Live for engrossing content!