I’ll hold my hands up, I have completely taken my eye off the ball with regards to promoting my business Words Angel recently. My charity brand has taken the majority of my attention for the past month. However, now it is finally up and running I can start to earn money again!

Let me clarify, I have been undertaking client work with my usual 100% effectiveness, care and attention but have been neglecting my own business.

That stops today.

I have spent this morning reviewing my competitors. Their ears will have been well and truly burning! When I set up Words Angel last year, I did the usual market research and established my business goals and objectives. I have, however, neglected to regularly review them. That is what my mission was this morning; to establish whether I am still working towards those objectives and to see if there are other ways to achieve my goals.

There are many different styles to promote the same kind of business. Some take an uber business-like approach with lots of jargon and others, like me, prefer an informal, down-to-earth approach to appeal to small businesses who feel like a fish out of water and need a friendly/jargon-free/reassuring service to help with their business’s marketing needs.

This morning’s perusal of competitor websites and social media output has given me a sense of direction that has been lacking for a month or so. Improvements will be made in the coming weeks. When was the last time you checked out your competitors? It’s definitely a worthwhile activity!