Why is Facebook treating my personal page like a business page? Has anyone else noticed all of the added extras that have popped up in the past month or so? I don’t like being congratulated by Facebook for posting for 12 days consecutive days or being told that my friends are missing me because I haven’t posted in 72 hours. An element of social media is choice. We choose when and what to share with friends. Turning it into some kind of competition is surely not a positive way forward. I don’t want to feel pressurised to post. It’s not good for my mental health. I’ll start wondering why I don’t have anything interesting to post. Am I not good enough?!

I don’t mind being analysed and ‘encouraged’ on my business pages. I like to think that Facebook cares about whether my page is a success or not. It doesn’t…but I like to THINK that. Some of the hints and tips help drive engagement and could lead to potential customers. That can not be said for my personal page. My friends are my friends because they like me as a person, not because I have posted for 12 consecutive days.

These changes make me wonder if Facebook usage has dropped. Why else would they need to actively encourage people to use their platform? Be careful Facebook, there are other platforms that offer choice and a feeling of being a valued user rather than a revenue stream.