So, another week and another social media algorithm change. It struck me today that social media channels act a little bit like fussy wedding guests at a sit-down reception. Facebook is the ex-husband that your friend doesn’t want to sit next to and Twitter is the friend with bad hygiene that no-one wants to be sat near. It’s a minefield and can so easily go wrong.

Some people think that social media for business is as easy as managing a personal Facebook page or Twitter profile. Randomly taking photos of food and sharing info about a local event to see if friends want to tag along. It is so much more than that!

Certain social media networks don’t ‘like’ other networks. particularly if they have unsuccessfully tried to buy the network for themselves. Facebook for example ‘doesn’t like’ YouTube videos. It tried a takeover a while ago and were unsuccessful. Ever wondered why a Facebook cat video goes viral but a YouTube cat video doesn’t get many views on Facebook? That’s why. Facebook deliberately limits the engagement a YouTube clip receives on Facebook. It used to drive me nuts. My charity brand has a YouTube channel and that was the best channel for me to use 3 years ago when the craziness started. However, I now find that I am posting the same footage onto two different sites to get maximum engagement. The same video content gets posted separately on Facebook and YouTube. I have no idea how they limit engagement, I just know that they do! If you have spent hours storyboarding, filming and editing a video for your business, make sure you know who likes who before you post it. Otherwise, you may well be wasting your time!

Yesterday, I became aware that the LinkedIn algorithm has been changed. I don’t know the details 100%, it’s just what I picked up on in my news feed. It would seem that LinkedIn no longer likes posts with photos, external links or name tags. Apparently, it is partly to make people spend more time on LinkedIn, stopping users from exiting the site through external links. I’m not sure why photos aren’t the best for engagement now. Common sense tells me that a lack of visual imagery MIGHT make LinkedIn more professional. It would certainly limit some of the less business-like content that has been popping up recently. However, I think it will make the news feed incredibly dull and wordy. Just me?

If only social media networks changed algorithms for the benefit of their users and not for their own business goals. These changes have made social media more complicated and less simple for businesses to use. Will this mean that small businesses move away from social media…… who knows. It’s a possibility though. Either that or they come to Words Angel for help and guidance!