According to this article – – ‘By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic’.

I can confirm, judging by my own personal Facebook page that this is the case. I can also confirm that it is driving me slightly loopy! For some reason, videos are now played WITH FULL VOLUME automatically as we scroll through our news feeds. It would probably be fine if I only had one or 2 in my news feed every couple of hours but I am finding that around 75% of posts on my news feed contain video content. My ears are being bombarded with loud wind noise, loud talking, or blaring music.

I don’t know about you but I check my personal social media throughout the day when I have a few spare minutes to relax. Being blasted with noise is not relaxing! It is particularly annoying when I am sat somewhere quiet (ish), on a train, in a coffee shop, or in the same room as my family members who are watching TV. It is very distracting for other people as well as me. Not only do they have the social media post noise to contend with, they also have me telling my phone to shhhhhhhhhh!!

I encourage my clients to use video content to have increased engagement but, now that I am on the receiving end, I am starting to have a re-think! Maybe have a silent intro, or at least a short pause before speech starts. That way, your audience won’t get annoyed at unwanted noise intrusion when they were simply scrolling through their news feed. You don’t want to lose customers because your videos are too ‘in your face’ or annoying. Instagram videos work well as you have to tap the screen for volume. Please Facebook, can we go back to that being the case on our news feeds?!