We’ve all heard of the pink and grey pounds but have we ever considered the ‘Furry Community’ as a place to grow and enhance our business? It wasn’t something that ever occurred to me until I created ME Foggy Dog. I use a soft toy to raise awareness of a life-destroying illness and this lighthearted approach extends my reach much further than a hard-hitting serious approach would have achieved.

‘Furries’ engage with other ‘furries’ whatever cause is being promoted. The people behind these cute facades are often professional people, intelligent human beings that understand the world around them and want to help various causes or support others in growing businesses.

My charity dog Foggy is now being followed by a duck, 2 hippos, 2 pigs, 4 rabbits, 9 dogs and oodles of teddy bears. All of these furry social media accounts engage with my content. Virtually every tweet is liked, RT’d or commented on. Many of the accounts are owned by legitimate organisations: National Trust, universities, corporations. These organisations understand the power of the ‘Furry Community’ and use its potential to engage with customers.

If I was going to analyse the heck out of it I would say that it is an element of escapism. With all of the global rubbish that is going on at the moment, the ‘Furry Community’ allows us to actively seek out a lighter side of life. It is also another layer of marketing that needs to be appreciated. It is another way to avoid overt sales tactics whilst building your brand presence online.

During a recent pitch, I was told that I would ‘obviously’ be a success because ‘you are a teddy, who wouldn’t love a teddy?’. Wise words!