I LOVE social media.

Social media has allowed me to build a global charity brand that connects directly with thousands of people worldwide. Without it, there wouldn’t be an M.E community. This social media community is a lifeline for many M.E sufferers. Bedbound sufferers are able to communicate with the outside world. This capability is PRICELESS.

Before creating Foggy, I didn’t have a clue about Twitter or Instagram. I only had a personal Facebook page (lots of photos of nights out and food) and didn’t need to know about any other channels for work purposes (the days before self-employment). That was a long time ago!

Being the creator of ME Foggy Dog has forced me to become a social media expert. I kind of learned on the job. The difference in my online skills between day one of Foggy and now is huge. I have tried most social media channels, I have the ability to see which work for me and which don’t. I now have more closed than active accounts. The moment an algorithm change makes a channel less effective I’m out of there! I have M.E. I can’t be wasting time and energy on something that simply no longer does what I need it to do. I had a Pinterest account when Foggy first started. I only really opened the account for the map. The page was quite fluid and also became an online photo album for Foggy’s adventures (Facebook is now Foggy’s online photo album). My followers and I liked to see exactly where Foggy had visited. However, Pinterest stopped the map feature in 2015/16. I closed my Pinterest account once it was of no benefit to me.

Between my Words Angel business, ME Foggy Dog and personal use, I am active on Facebook (3 accounts), Twitter (2 accounts) and Instagram (2 accounts). I would like to close my personal Facebook page but need to keep it open because the business pages are linked to it. I don’t use it as much as I used to. It would be quite nice to be able to turn off my social media at the end of the working day but find it impossible to do so! The down-side of working in social media marketing is that the temptation to check notifications is always there. I spend all day in front of either my laptop or phone working. Unfortunately, if I have scheduled posts after 6 pm, the notifications come through after 6 pm. Yes, I could turn off notifications but I am worried that I will miss an important message from a Foggy Follower or potential client. Because of this, I am always on edge. I check my phone at least twice every hour after 6 pm. Does this mean I am an addict? Probably!

I yearn for the opportunity to do a digital detox but unfortunately, my working life depends on social media a lot and unless I go cold turkey on an overseas holiday anytime soon, I don’t think a break will be possible. Good job I love it!