I am very good at networking and communication. Yes, I said it. I bigged myself up….for once. I get to know the person behind the Twitter handle or Facebook profile and look beyond the sales pitch at hand-shaking networking events. I’m a people person and I’m finding that it is helping me enormously in business and with my charity work (ME Foggy Dog).

Unfortunately, I am so good at it I have found myself a little bit overwhelmed with time commitments. Someone needs a hand with their charity social media, yes I’ll give a one-to-one for free to help out. Starting a new exciting initiative? Yes, I’d love to get involved!

However, I am taking a stand and clawing back a personal life. I’ve lost the ability to step away and turn off. I have so many business contacts on my personal Facebook page that I am never ‘off duty’. Sorry, but you are going to be deleted. Follow me on one of my professional/business pages instead. I still like you as a person but if we haven’t got merry over a bottle of wine then you don’t belong on my personal pages.

I am currently juggling a start-up business, a global charity brand, an SSE training course, being a Rotarian, and having a chronic illness/disability. It’s too much. If I was in better health I would take every opportunity with gusto but I need to be realistic. So, I am choosing to leave Rotary SI. It’s a new initiative that will develop into a powerful asset to the local community. However, I simply don’t have the time, effort, or energy to be a member anymore. Thank you to all of the Rotary SI members who have helped with my recent M.E advocacy activities and for their enthusiasm in raising awareness of M.E. If you are reading this and would like to know more about this new innovative Rotary group please click this link – Https://rotarysocialinnovationsd.wordpress.com/

I am a strong believer in having a good work/life balance. Unfortunately, I get enthusiastic about initiatives very easily and forget that I have limitations. Some people have children/carer responsibilities; I have a disability. All limit what we can and can’t do. I’m getting realistic and putting my efforts into a few very important things instead of spreading myself too thin. I’m finding that I am not giving each activity as much attention as I need to. World domination won’t happen if I don’t give my projects due care and attention!