Twitter is Trump’d

I have a rule.

That rule is to never, ever, discuss politics or religion online. So this article will steer clear of President Trump’s politics and concentrate on how his actions on Twitter are having a detrimental impact on the Twitter brand.

One of the things I talk about in social media workshops is how to be transparent and authentic in your content. Your customer/audience has to know they can trust you. They have to know that if you have rules, you are going to make sure that ALL users stick to them. Unfortunately, that is not happening on Twitter at the moment. I myself have been temporarily suspended in the past by Twitter for using one of their hot words. Their filter understood it in the wrong context. It was a minor inconvenience to me to get my account reinstated. However, it would seem that people with power, in this case, the President of the United States, can say what they like, to whomever they like and not have the rules apply to them.

At the moment, it’s very much one rule for them and one rule for us. That will, in the long-term, have a negative impact on their brand. Well after President Trump’s term has ended in years to come, we will still be talking about how Twitter bowed to ‘the most powerful man on Earth’ and didn’t apply their rules appropriately.

I do feel sorry for Twitter. Rock and hard place springs to mind. I know many people have recently joined Twitter because they want to see what President Trump comes out with next. He currently has 43.7m followers. I would suggest that many people are following him for sport, not because they support him. It would be interesting to find out how many people have left Twitter because they are not clamping down on some of his content. I also wonder what trouble they would find themselves in if they did ever have the courage to shut him down even though they would be justified in their actions.

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