This week is all about feeling the love. Whether that is for your significant other, or favourite cause. As I tell my clients, you need to get involved with events and have a themed conversation to grow your online presence and follower base organically. It’s an easy way to reach people who may not have otherwise known about you or your business. Engaging with a funny photo or plea for help is a great way to show you care about society and aren’t all about sales and putting money in your metaphorical till.

My charity brand has its own hashtag – #IHeartFoggy. It wasn’t created by me, my followers sprang it on me back in 2015. However, I have embraced it and now use it on ME Foggy Dog’s merchandise. This is relevant to this article because Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday. I had wanted to hold a charity event; I was thinking a ‘posh do’ with music, food, eveningwear and lots, and lots of love hearts. But, I broke my foot, became immobile and that thought went out of the window. So, I am holding an online love extravaganza instead! A Twibbon was created yesterday (Add the Twibbon and show Foggy some love!) and will be plastered everywhere for the whole week (see above). I have promoted that it is a chance for Foggy’s Followers to show him some love, this will help to grow Foggy’s reach but also it’ll be a lot of fun! I will be reaching more people without spending any cash. I use every available opportunity to have THE conversation (about M.E).

Whether the event is Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, or FA Cup Final Day, use the occasion to reach your potential customers. Choose the event wisely though, you don’t want to end up damaging your brand. Have some fun with it. Create your own content (using your own branding OBVIOUSLY) and join in! Who knows where it will lead!