It’s always great if you can create a new, original, piece of content for your social media platforms, however, it’s not always possible. Whether that is due to time constraints or a temporary lack of imagination. We all find ourselves reposting the same images occasionally. As long as you aren’t posting the same content day after day, repetitive posts are ok. I have reviewed many social media accounts for clients and the same image is used every other day. It is dull and repetitive.

When you take the speed of Twitter into account, the same post can be posted over and over again, different people will see it each time. It isn’t very likely that the exact same audience will see your posts again. Change up your hashtags and times of posting and you’ll be able to re-use much of your content. I believe, using the same images time and again makes you look unimaginative and as if you don’t know how to effectively manage your online presence. However, something is better than nothing. Try to change something about an old post – even using a different filter can change it up a bit. Add a few words to the image (using Canva or similar software) and it’s a whole new piece of content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each post you put out there.

To stop myself from being lazy in terms of creating content, every couple of months I delete old content from my external hard drive; this forces me to create new engaging content. I keep hold of my favourites though, they might come in handy in 6 months time.

If you are really struggling with your social media marketing, please get in touch with me (Sally) via I offer informal training/mentoring and a management service.

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