I’ve written articles before telling readers not to worry about engagement numbers and I’m going to repeat myself slightly. I know so many business owners panic when their carefully and meticulously created social media post reaches 6 people. Don’t despair! The stats provided by social media platforms only take into account direct engagement. It doesn’t allow for indirect views resulting from RTs and the sharing of links via email, Whatsapp, Messanger etc. Someone thinks the product you are selling would interest their friend who isn’t on social media, so he or she copies the link and sends it via a text for example.

Case in point, I have a YouTube channel. YouTube tells me that on average I get about 30 views of each video I post. However, I receive at least 150 emails/comments from followers about my content. YouTube seems to only add up engagement that has come directly from YouTube browsing or subscribers. I mainly use YouTube as a video formatting site to create a file that can be shared elsewhere. I have 4624 Twitter followers. Each video gets RTd at least 15 times, the ripple effect could reach 100s of people. YouTube stats don’t take this into account.As long as you receive feedback from your audience you know your message is getting out there. As I said, don’t despair!

Once you post something you have no idea where it has ended up, who has shared it, and who your followers followers are. Take social media analytics with a pinch of salt. There are so many scenarios that aren’t taken into account.

This week, within an hour of posting, one of my charity brand posts was seen by 300+ people directly on my social media. It was also shared/RTd by 76 followers. 3 hours later, I saw that many charities had adopted my post and were sharing it too. Each of their posts of my content was then liked/shared by hundreds of followers. Social media allows content to grow organically. Twitter analytics will say that my post was seen by around 400 people so far, but the reach of that particular post could well have a global reach of over a couple of 1000 people.

The same goes for my blog posts. Blogger tells me that only 70 people have seen my blogs but I get feedback from hundreds of people who have all read it. Again, these posts are shared across all social media platforms and as such create indirect engagement. That engagement is clearly not recognised by Blogger. They only take direct engagement into account – my subscribers or Blogger browsers.

Don’t stress about low engagement numbers. As long as you are creating engaging content (not too sale-sy) the rest should take care of itself.

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