I’ve noticed a change in behaviour within the Facebook users in my own personal friendship circle. I find many aren’t posting as much and their content has changed. Part of it could be the new algorithm but I think it also demonstrates a new wariness amongst Facebook users.

However, something that users are using more is Facebook groups, myself included. I have experience of setting up and managing Facebook pages but not groups. Until now, I’ve never had the need for one. That is something that has changed recently. Within the next 3 months, I will be creating 3 groups in addition to my personal page, business and charity page. The business group will be for attendees of social media training workshops, the charity group will be for attendees of my M.E support group that I am in the process of setting up, and I have already set up a group page for my family – we are so big – we need one!

My Dad has 13 brothers and sisters, due to the way the world works now, many have moved away and we have lost touch across 4 generations. I had been using Facebook to keep in touch with a handful of these relatives but there were at least 70 people I had no contact with. That has changed markedly since creating the group 5 days ago. There are now 37 people in my ‘Family Tree’ group which is amazing considering half of the older generations of my family aren’t on Facebook, and the number is still growing. It is obvious that photos and conversations are being shared with the older generations by their Facebook-using offspring. We are using the group to share photos and memories that wouldn’t interest non-family connections on Facebook. We can also control who sees our content – it is a closed group. We are now talking about meeting up face-to-face for annual gatherings, this idea came from setting up a Facebook group and seeing where it took us.

Say what you want about Facebook, there are many benefits of being able to communicate with family and friends in private groups. It’s allowed me to reconnect with so many people I haven’t seen for decades. This group will, no doubt, also lead to the creation of many more memories in the future.

How could you use Facebook groups within your business or personal life?


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