So, I decided to open a social media marketing business around 2 years ago because I have proven myself to be blooming good at it. When I started ME Foggy Dog 4 years ago, I invested in two social media mentoring sessions and learned about hashtags and Twitter hours. Everything I have achieved since then is self-taught. ME Foggy Dog is now a global social media driven charity brand. I have around 8,000 followers across all platforms. The majority of my followers are actually interested in my advocacy and so I am not bulked up by randoms who don’t care about my brand.

My views and opinions about social media have been formed though my charity work. I have 4-years’ valuable experience of seeing what works and what doesn’t. I now know what kind of content works on Facebook and what works best on Twitter for example. I used to fret about not knowing what to tweet about and now, some days, I find myself tweeting for the 34th time that day. I love Twitter. I am well and truly a convert. That said, I do not have a personal account, I think I would struggle to find something interesting enough to share it with the rest of the Twitter-sphere! However, my passion and drive for solving the M.E problem means I have so much to say on the subject I find it hard to stop. Thanks to my charity work, I know how to create engaging content and have found out which software packages are free (always good!). This knowledge comes in handy when I am mentoring my Words Angel clients. I’m happy to share the love!

In terms of my business Words Angel, I think Portsmouth and the surrounding area has reached saturation point in terms of ‘social media experts’ or ‘digital specialists’. As someone with M.E (as such, I am disabled), I find fighting to get get to the front of the pack exhausting. So, I am starting to think outside of the box. How can I make myself stand out without working myself to death or attending every networking event possible, both of which are simply not possible with limited energy. I am finding that I am competing with people who may have a lot of the technical knowledge but have never actually put it into practice themselves. I have. I have extensive working knowledge of using social media to achieve strategic aims and know how to adjust output when algorithms change. I know my stuff.

My ‘thinking outside of the box’ future will start in July when I can give it my 100% attention (the current campaign ends on 4th July). I know I have found a way to make myself stand out and offer top quality service and training to future clients. I’m not silly enough to give the game away here now, but the future definitely looks promising!