Most businesses have websites that have a ‘contact us’ button. If you have one, do you have the relevant email account linked to your phone so you know when your business has been contacted? I do. I’m finding it odd that some businesses take 3+ days to reply.

I’m trying to organise a family gathering in Oxfordshire for my family, I’m making all of the arrangements from Portsmouth, 110 miles away. It will be a gathering of at least 40 family members and there are a lot of things to be considered: dietary requirements, disabilities, etc.

On Monday night, I searched for an appropriate venue, I found one – great! I checked out the website, it is big enough for our needs and offers accommodation if anyone wants to stay overnight. I spotted the ‘contact us’ button and rattled off a long email detailing all the relevant info – date, time, number of people and specific requirements. In my mind, it saved both me and the venue time and effort as all info was in one place and didn’t need to be repeated over and over.

That was over 3 days ago and I haven’t had a reply. I do wonder if they miss out on bookings because of their inattentiveness to the ‘contact us’ button. Why have it if contact goes unnoticed? I’ll have to phone today instead and explain our requirements in what will no doubt be a lengthy conversation.

My business Words Angel offers a review service to our clients, we check websites and social media output to see if they are working as effectively as they could be and offer suggestions for improvement. This venue could definitely benefit from a bit of constructive feedback!